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Vitamin C can truthfully be designated as the antitoxic and antiviral vitamin. ~C.W. Jungeblut, M.D.

Claus Washington Jungblut, M.D.

Vitamin C as Antitoxin:

In 1935, Jungeblut showed that vitamin C inactivated diphtheria toxin. (Jungeblut CS, Zwemer RL. Inactivation of diphtheria toxin in vivo and in vito by crystalline vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Proc Soc Exper Biol Med 1935; 32: 1229-34.)

By 1937, Jungeblut demonstrated that ascorbate inactivated tetanus toxin. (Jungeblut CW. Inactivation of tetanus toxin by crystalline vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid). J Immunol 1937; 33:203-214.)

See, Journal of Experimental Medicine for papers on his research.

Jungeblut’s biography and bibliography:

Saul AW. Taking the cure: Claus Washington Jungeblut, M.D.: Polio pioneer; ascorbate advocate. J Orthomolecular Med, 2006 Vol 21, No 2, p 102-106



Claus W. Jungeblut was the first scientist to proclaim that ascorbate was antiviral. All that remained was to use enough of it.

William J. McCormick, M.D. (1880-1968)

Over 60 years ago, McCormick saw vitamin C deficiency as the essential cause of, and effective cure for, numerous communicable illnesses.

He was one of the very first to advocate injected, gram-sized doses of vitamin C as an antiviral and antibiotic.

(McCormick WJ. The changing incidence and mortality of infectious disease in relation to changed trends in nutrition. Medical Record, 1947. September.)

Vitamin C does not cause kidney stones

Modern writers consistently pass by the fact that McCormick used vitamin C to prevent and cure kidney stones… in 1946.

(McCormick WJ. Lithogenesis and hypovitaminosis. Medical Record, 1946. 159:7, July, p 410-413.)

Ascorbate deficit causes cardiovascular disease. McCormick also noted that four out of five coronary cases in hospital show vitamin C deficiency.

(McCormick WJ. Coronary thrombosis: a new concept of mechanism and etiology. Clinical Medicine, 1957. 4:7, July.)

Vitamin C is essential to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, small and large

A vitamin C deficient artery can literally “bleed” into itself

Blood clot forms: stroke may result

And the evidence continues throughout this video.

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